Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sun, Sand and Beaches Trump Politics

Drama Queen linked this from Dystopic at The Declination last Saturday: I Need A Vacation

Of late, politics has been particularly nasty and overly repetitive. Russia! Russia! Russia! Trump tweeted something. Something was sexist, or racist, or some other thing…

All of this is too much. It’s headache-inducing. At one point, I could laugh at politics…

Today, the amusement has been sucked dry, and replaced with the constant bleating of sheep. It’s not funny anymore. Everything is identity politics. Everything. You can’t have a glass of milk without someone saying that milk is white, therefore racist. You can’t enjoy Chinese takeout without accusations of microaggressions…

Allow me to illustrate his point. Here’s Obama/Hillary superstar supporter Katy Perry auto-response to a trigger:

I’d say she’s a little trigger happy. And by the way, There (their, there) are only two ways to spell ‘yours’ by most English standards, unless ‘you’re’ including ‘yer’ in the count. But back to the Declination:

Most folks in the world just want to be left alone. And that is precisely what cannot be countenanced these days.

Well, to hell with that. I’m going to take a break from politics for at least a few days. Maybe I’ll write about whiskey, or technology, or Byzantine history. I don’t know.

But no politics.

I highly recommend other folks do the same from time-to-time. This level of politicization cannot be good for anybody.

Indeed, it cannot. Thanks Dystopic, don’t mind if I do. I think I’ll focus on sun, sand and beaches. Actually, I think I’ll hold that thought till tomorrow. Today I’m going to the beach. And wait for the sun to set.

o-MICHIGAN-BEACHES-facebookSunset on Lake Michigan at the Grand Haven lighthouse

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