Sunday, July 16, 2017

Happy Ice Cream Day

In 1984 President Ronald Reagan proclaimed July as National Ice Cream Month. He also established National Ice Cream Day as the third Sunday in July. snoopy-and-woodstock-eating-ice-cream

In honor of this awesome holiday I think we should eat ice cream all day long. Here’s a suggested menu.

Breakfast: waffles (with coffee ice cream and chocolate syrup)

waffles-yum-18 - Copy

Lunch: ice cream panini


Mid-afternoon snack: ice cream cone


Late afternoon pick-me-up: Iced mocha (made with ice cream of course)


Dinner: Ice cream casserole:


Dessert: Banana split

BananaSplitKeep it small: you don’t want to overindulge

Nightcap: your choice – a Hummer (invented in Detroit)

hummersKahlua, rum, ice cream, a blender – what could go wrong?

or a White Russian made with ice cream; if you feel you need to begin your ice cream withdrawal at this point go for the Black Russian instead. Either way you will be totally  politically incorrect.

black and white russian

So Happy Ice Cream Day! One of the very best of the faux holidays.

22341-Happy-Ice-Cream-ConesThank you President Reagan.

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