Sunday, October 29, 2017

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

Well I’m back and I see Raj and Little Mo did an excellent job keeping you apprised of developing stories in the political swamp. But I’d like to turn our attention for a moment to the Hollywood sewer. George Clooney opened his latest directorial effort, Suburbicon, this week starring Matt Damon:

Suburbicon is a confused mishmash of a movie that attempts to blend two different storylines and fails to fully develop either in an engaging fashion. Chris Agar, Screen Rant

But its attempt to haphazardly take on a far weightier tale makes Suburbicon a much rarer, and more mesmerizing, kind of catastrophe. David Sims, The Atlantic

And those were reviews by people inclined to like the movie. Some were less subtle:

‘Suburbicon” is not only unfunny, a bad sign for a black comedy, but deep-dyed dislikable. Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

It might have been better if George had tried harder to keep his anger at America and Americans for electing Donald J. Trump in check.

Clooney noted that he re-cut “Suburbicon” after the 2016 presidential election — but long before this summer’s racist march in Charlottesville — fired by his own ire and sense of betrayal, and his sense that the film needed to be angrier, less silly.

I haven’t seen the movie of course but from what I can make out from the reviews he nailed the “angrier” part but not the “less silly.” Rolling Stone zeroes in on the point at which the movie begins it’s death spiral:

Where the film goes wrong is its grafting on a subplot about racism that, however admirable, gives the film a hectoring tone that wreaks havoc with its blistering comic thrust.


Suburbicon is based on an old, unproduced Coen brothers script that Clooney picked up. I guess he didn’t think that flyover Americans have had enough opportunity to buy theater tickets to watch movies that mock and judge them. But as the above tweet indicates, it seems an inopportune moment for the Hollywood elite to be lecturing us on morality. It’s bad enough that Clooney and Damon in their private personas feel compelled to tell the rest of us how to live our desperate little lives, but they actually expect us to pay to watch their on-screen liberal propaganda diatribes as well.

We get it: racism is bad. But do you know what’s worse? Injecting racism just to trigger liberal anger. Take the NFL for instance:


Coming soon to a theater near you. Thanks, Donald Trump.

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