Saturday, November 4, 2017

Get ‘Yer Crickets Humming

Saturday, November 4 (Note: why no Google Doodle for Veterans Day? Silly question: too American, too imperialistic, too patriotic, too not-advancing-the-global-agenda mainstream.)

My daily musing:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton steals primary election from opponent. By her own admission she bought and paid for Russian lies and propaganda to influence our election. She allowed the sale of 20% of our uranium supply to the Russians in a quid pro quo that paid the Clinton foundation millions and millions of dollars. And just to ensure there was no evidence fueling future indictments she had her computer/email/server acid washed and wiped clean “with a cloth or something.” The reaction to this story about the most massive collusion, corruption and political malfeasance in the history of U.S. politics? It has been deafening: a cacophony of crickets.

media-controlled1MSM: the butt-monkeys of the insect world

That’s appropriate, given that crickets have been known as a pestilence of biblical proportions since, well, forever.

butt crickets

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