Tuesday, October 31, 2017

“That’s Very Important!”

To be honest, I don’t think today is going to be as much fun as it used to be. The Trumps aren’t the type to dress up for Halloween like the Obamas did.

trump halloween

Remember when Barry and Lady M dressed as the Red Queen and Mad Hatter? They really got into the characters.

red queen & mad hatterWM copy

On the plus side though we are allowed to hand out real candy again made out of sugar and chocolate instead of the naturally sweetened twigs and bark that Lady M favored for the little people.

Michelle black kale“Go ahead, you can have whichever kale leaf you want!”

Although to be honest, some of the current staff tried to nix these delicious treats:

ghosts-600x450We’re a bit sensitive about little men in white hoods around here.

I’ve seen the menu for dinner tonight and I must say it puts Lady M’s idea of  “clean” food to shame: meatloaf and ghostly mashed potatoes with mini squash pumpkins.  squash and potato ghosts and goblins

But enough fun and games, let’s check in to see what’s happening today at the Mueller spook investigation:


      King of Hearts: What do you know about this unfortunate affair?                      
      March Hare
      Queen of Hearts
Nothing whatever?                       
      March Hare
Nothing whatever!                       
      Queen of Hearts
: [shouts] That's very important! Jury, write that down!

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