Thursday, October 5, 2017

What Do You Mean “Fake” News?

The MSM goes into apoplexy every time President Trump accuses them of “fake news,” pretending to be insulted he would even imply they are anything but 100% honest, right and true. Something he did again this morning.

fake news

Maybe this will help them understand (Via Instapundit – highlights mine):


Corrections: An earlier version of this article stated that associates of the Koch brothers proposed and lobbied Congress to pass the law establishing Puerto Rico's fiscal control board. There is no evidence of any Koch involvement in the passage of the law. An earlier version of this article also stated that the fiscal control board had reduced the minimum wage in Puerto Rico to 4 dollars an hour. The board did not lower the minimum wage, the governor did. And the governor raised it this year. An earlier version of this article stated that the U.S. Congress imposed austerity measures on Puerto Rico. The fiscal control board established by Congress instructed the commonwealth to work towards balancing its budget. The governor decided what cuts to make.

Not just wrong but 100%, diametrically wrong. Good job, Politico. It never occurred to the editors to check the allegations of Alejandra Rosa, even though she clearly exposed her bias in the wrap up:

I try to be optimistic…But then I remember my president mentioning the debt of my island in the same sentence as the losses of my people, and I worry. Or maybe, instead of worrying, we should start demanding from the federal government the resources and the dignity that we have been denied for decades. By doing this, perhaps, the hurricane will finally leave Puerto Rico.

So perhaps the media can forgive us for continuing to treat all of the propaganda news they pump out as questionable at best, biased for certain and quite possibly 100% fake. Don't blame us for our cynicism, you created it.


“They [the media] are not becoming irrelevant, but they are getting to the point where they are worse than irrelevant.” - Andrew Breitbart

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