Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Because That’s How You Get More Trump

On this date in history:

1 Year Ago:

Donald Trump ‘unexpectedly’ beat Crooked Hillary in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Since then the Media/Entertainment/Russian cabal has done its best to keep hatred alive and divisive politics operative. And Deep State has done everything possible to thwart the implementation of the winner’s agenda. Because they all know what’s better for us than we do.

Part of it is that the election is the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation into Russian interference and the open question of whether Donald Trump’s team colluded with foreign agents to kneecap Hillary Clinton and capture the White House. - LATimes

Well somebody kneecapped her…

100 Years Ago:

“The Bolsheviks stormed the Winter Palace overthrowing Kerensky’s provisional government (no, the Bolsheviks did not overthrow the Czar, that was Kerensky), bringing about the nascent Soviet Union that would be the lurking shadow on world politics for the next 74 years with influence still seen today.”

leninAnother charismatic leader with amazing oratorical skills and a sharp crease in his pants

Specifically, the November 7th culmination of Russia’s ‘October Revolution’ ushered in the Soviet era of Lenin, Stalin, the Soviet invasion and subjugation of the Baltic States, subjugation and oppression of Eastern Europe under the Warsaw Pact, the communist revolution in China, the Communist revolutions in Cuba and Central America, the Communist revolutions in Southeast Asia, and the madmen of North Korea. Everywhere this malignancy spread it brought death, destruction and unimaginable oppression.

And so, after 8 years of Presidential charisma, amazing oratorical skills and a sharp creased pant leg, the thinking half of the American citizenry decided they were not interested in taking the next step towards America’s Bolshevik revolution. It was just that simple - no Russian collusion, no Russian meddling  – just Americans voting to Make America Great Again.

And that’s why we got Trump. Listen up Democrats: Do you want more Trump? Then keep it up.

dangerous immigrants

Because trust me, this is how you get more Trump.

Screenshot Studio capture #011Yes, that’s the guy I voted for!

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