Thursday, November 9, 2017

I Love Being Hated

I haven’t been a Hannity watcher in years but I’ve checked in intermittently this week to see if there was any ‘tock’ to his ‘tick tock’ tweet. Unless I missed something it seems another case of  Sean’s breathless over-hyping. So yesterday while skipping through the DVR I caught one of Sean’s panels with Doug Schoen, Lanny Davis and Tezlyn Figaro (a Bernie Bro). I don’t know what they were discussing because the entire segment consisted of at least 2 and usually 3 people talking at once, as usual. What made this clip notable, via split screen technology, was that in addition to the normal cacophony of disembodied talking heads we were also provided a live feed from Beijing of some sort of Chinese acrobatic performance. Looks like they’re going for the Millennial demographic.

I also caught part of a segment with Steve Bannon. I don’t know what they were discussing either because I was overwhelmed with a sense of nostalgia for the days of yore when Andrew Breitbart used to be a regular guest. I admire Bannon and while he seems to share all of Andrew’s passion he is lacking his bonhomie.

i am npt a serf breitbartAlways the Happy Warrior

Which got me wondering: what would Andrew make of the country in general and the Donald in particular if he were still alive? I think that the man who invented conservative citizen journalism and activism would have LOVED Trump. How could he not?  Trump is the archetype of Breitbart’s everyman: an ordinary, outside the Beltway citizen disenfranchised by both parties as well as the media. Trump is the everyman who found his voice – yugely - and in the process the voice of millions of other disenfranchised Americans – the deplorables.  He also discovered the power of one of Andrew’s favorite media work-arounds (hint, TWEET, TWEET!), for better or worse.

breitbart ttweetSo how would the first man to call out MSM as fake news,

breitbart media

the man who pointed out that politics are downstream from culture, the first man who used Twitter as a weapon…


feel about President Trump?  Well, I think we all know.

breitbart quote.22jpg

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