Sunday, December 3, 2017

Cyborg Sunday: Brain Maps

I’m so old that I remember when Democrats were all about lower taxes for the working class and could care less about the national debt. Now - of a sudden - they are all concerned about the deficit and don’t want to lower taxes for the middle class? It’s enough to make me ask if I’m totally misremembering; to give me pause and wonder if I’m showing the first signs of dementia. Perhaps I should have my brain examined.brain map 3_thumb[1]

The drawing above came to me courtesy of American Digest’s impresario, Gerard Vanderluen. He scours the corners of the innertubes for facts and factoids better than an army of cyber cyborgs. He finds things that you didn’t know you needed to know and don’t have time to find out on your own. Still, imagine my surprise when he presented me last week with this brain map he discovered in Dr. Alesha Sivartha’s Book of Life, 1898.

Sivartha was clearly a man bursting at the seams with an abundance of complex and esoteric ideas, and while in written form this might translate into somewhat dense and bamboozling prose, visually it gave birth to a series of superbly intricate and striking diagrams…“brain maps” 

You may need to zoom in order to focus on the pertinent detail unveiled here:


There! Do you see it, the loci of interest? The MOTUS Front! – ‘President’ MOTUS Front!!

Things you should know about Dr. Sivartha:

  1. He was a theosophist
  2. Sivartha is a pen-name for a Kansas doctor named Arthur E. Merton who, according to a great-great-grandson’s website, was the illegitimate son of the Indian scholar and activist Raja Ram Mohun Roy Bahadoor and an unknown English Unitarian woman who was “romantically involved”with the Raja during his tour of England.

Raja Ram Mohun Roy Bahadoor? Raj? The MOTUS Front? Who is this mysterious Dr. Sivartha, and how did he know about the MOTUS FRONT way back in 1898? Are we meant to rise up and take over the world? To keep the world marching forward?

The human race has been marching upward from the first ages of history…Science and history both answer that man has advanced, step by step, from the ignorant and selfish rule of his lower brain organs uptoward the beneficent dominion of his higher faculties. The laws which have controlled that vast upward movement are still in force. They are fixed in the very constitution of man. And they are of supreme importance at the present time, for they determine what new institutions and what social changes are now required to meet that higher growth of man. Book of Life, 1898

The current state of affairs in the realm of politics, press and entertainment would cause one to ponder whether the upward march has stalled and in fact has begun to retreat. I guess we’ll find out soon enough if these laws are indeed “fixed in the very constitution of man.”

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Only the Shadow knows...



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