Saturday, December 9, 2017

Things That Make Me Worry About The Sustainability Of Planet Earth

This week’s category winner: Calling millennials “snowflakes” is damaging to their mental health, reveals survey of 16-24 year olds.calvin-on-building-character_snowflake

My first concern is the fact that anyone would even think to conduct such a survey.  My second is that it’s not just the snowflakes themselves buying into this victim du jour mentality:

The thoughts were echoed by adults of all ages, with 58 per cent claiming the label is unfairly applied, the survey showed.

A further 57 per cent felt that the term 'generation snowflake' could also harm the mental health of young people. 

Instead of telling these post-millennials (which most of the 16-24 age group technically is) that sticks and stones may break their bones but names will never hurt them, they agree that they have a right to have hurt feelings over a term they find offensive. And I suspect they’d all be fine with banning the use of “snowflake” from campuses everywhere. snowflakes for tyranny

I used to think the snowflakes were funny with their triggers and safe-spaces and no platforms and hashtag campaigns but now I find their mentality threatening to the future of life on the planet. What if they get a job performing critical services and the boss yells at them or something? Or worse, what if the little pot-bellied pig in NOKO does something really stupid? I don’t think safe spaces and hashtags will be of much use.

So in the interest of preserving the planet for yet another generation of hopefully tougher humans I am passing on this advice: “the best way to get over being offended is simply Don’t. Be. Offended. Stop it!


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