Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Justice: It Helps If You’re Sober

Sure, the wall will be a nice touch.  But enforcing existing policies that were enacted to  keep terrorists and illegals out of the country can be just as effective. Pulling the U.S. out of the UN’s insane global migration and refuge compact will also assist in controlling who gains access to our country and resources.  And implementing a travel ban against countries known to harbor terrorism and terrorists is an act that any sane person in this country would have heartily supported not so very long ago.

But in our deeply divided country we have activist judges who think nothing of blocking a completely constitutional Executive Order. So it took a Supreme Court intervention to enforce President Trump’s travel ban.

The Supreme Court Justices issued a stay Monday that allows President Donald Trump to carry out the new policy even on those with U.S. connections…

That’s right, the Supreme Court has cleared the way for the travel ban to take effect; in a 7 – 2 decision the Supremes ruled that the President - no matter who he is – does in fact have Constitutional authority to protect the country from all threats foreign and domestic. Shocking. Not so shocking, the 2 justices who voted against the stay: Ruth Bader ACLU Ginsberg and the Wise Latina who rules from the bench with empathy. Justice Sotomayor simply didn’t feel it was the right thing to do.empathy1 sotomayorAt least Ruthie had a good excuse: she wasn’t 100% sober.

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