Saturday, January 20, 2018

Closed For Cleanup and Repairs


As we once again witnessed the triumph of party over country, the finger pointing will begin. Because the Democrats essentially got everything they once demanded in a spending bill they threw in the “clean DACA” towards the end of debate in order to have a noble reason to refuse to sign on. So we can’t have a functioning government budget because… Dreamers! Virtue signaling not withstanding, the ball’s really in your court Chucky.

Those of us who think that granting amnesty for 3.6 million (and counting) “Dreamers” – no matter the circumstances of their arrival – is a fool’s game will continue to be called racists. So be it.

But wait – what’s this!?! The media isn’t entirely embracing the Dem’s narrative?ap

Et tu, NYT?nytWhat’s up? Could they be holding Nancy Pelosi to her own words?

“I call them 'legislative arsonists.They're there to burn down what
we should be building up.”
  Nancy Pelosi, 2013

That sort of media treason could bode ill for the left in the face of  #ReleasetheMemo. But odds are not in our favor so stock up on popcorn and pass the ammunition. We are the ones who will be attacked for believing what is clearly contained in that memo, and the supporting documents.

trump stormForget the S-Holes, the S-Storm is about to descend. And we’re going to need some cleanup on aisle 3.

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