Friday, January 19, 2018

FLOTUS Friday: And We Give Thanks

We road into Cheyenne around sunset yesterday. Cheyenne, Wyoming - elevation 6062 feet -  in the middle of January; it was 57 degrees. No snow anywhere, not in the air, on the wind or on the ground.  It was clear and balmy. And I am truly grateful that the only place in Wyoming Al Gore would ever consider going is Jackson Hole – they don’t mind the snow this time of year.

al gore polar bears

I can only tell you that this year’s trip has been much better than any number of the nightmarish winter journeys we’ve been on before global warming. So if those of you in the south are wondering where all your snow and cold came from, it appears to have come from the great northwest this year.

We’ll be headin’ up and movin’ out this morning, hoping to reach our destination ahead of this weekend’s gathering storm.


So let us pause on this FLOTUS Friday to reflect on our country’s good fortune.


And thank you God, for not getting this old band back together:

bill-hillary-clinton-al-tipper-gore-1992The Make-America-Second-Rate-Again-Gang

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