Sunday, January 14, 2018

Saturday At Costco

I am normally smart enough to stay out of my local Costco store on a Saturday afternoon. But yesterday I was out of my allergy meds, planning a visit to my crazy-sweet-cat-lady sister-in-law today and – having a real cat allergy (insert sad face here) - I committed an unforced error: I decided to pick up a few additional items while I was there.  The whole experience was worse than I imagined. The icy parking lot was a nightmare, I had to stalk someone to get a parking spot.  Shopping cart availability was limited to a bring-your-own-in-from-the-freezing-cold-parking-lot and the aisles were a maze and buzz of third world anarchy. Literally.

They were jammed with people who were clearly not born anywhere around here and by “here” I mean the United States. They were driving their shopping carts around in circles, ramming into others as they darted to and fro, speaking in tongues and otherwise creating shopping gridlock.

shopping cart gridlockFrom Rick and Kathy

Of course I’ve seen non-native born shoppers here before, but they seem to own Saturdays. I know my virtue signaling betters will be quick to call me racist for this, but in my judgement the Hindi woman wearing a very lightweight sari covered only with an equally lightweight rain jacket and wearing flip flops on an afternoon that peaked at 16 degrees was not from around here. Nor was the hijab-clad woman with 5 kids all speaking an unintelligible language.

So I did the math (my white privilege) while waiting in the checkout lines solely on the basis of profiling. Using nothing more than my powers of observation I determined that 31% appeared to be either black or white native born Americans. The remaining 69% appeared (and sounded) to be from some place far, far away. Mind you, I’m not drawing any conclusion about the legal status, citizenship, virtue – or lack thereof - of of this huddling mass of humanity. I’m simply stating what is glaringly apparent to anyone paying attention: in my “white suburban” neighborhood the majority of shoppers on this Saturday afternoon in January, 2018 were most assuredly foreign-born. And oddly enough none – none mind you – appeared to be from south of the border. These new immigrant Americans were predominantly Indians, Pakistanis, Asians and too-numerous-to-mention Middle East countries. All here, I presume, to do jobs that Americans won’t do.

costco pigs next to halal duckscostco halal duck next to pigCostco: where whole pigs reside peacefully next to halal ducks

And that, my friends, is why Donald J. Trump is president.

I once worked with a lawyer  who, when he thought we were offering to give away more than we needed to in a business deal would remind us that while our contract terms needed to be legal and ethical in every respect, we were not a church. Some goes for our country, we are not a church; we cannot save the whole world. Acting as if we can do all of God’s work is pure hubris.

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