Friday, January 12, 2018

FLOTUS Friday And We’re Dealing With Some S**t Around Here

Well, there’s certainly been a s**t-storm over the President’s observation that maybe we don’t need any more immigrants from s**t-hole countries like El Salvador, Haiti and various African nations. This seems rather obvious; unless they come with skills-in-hand. America doesn’t need any more welfare recipients, crime or outbreaks of turd world diseases that we’ve already eradicated once.

Make no mistake: this is why President Trump is considered a racist: he dares believe – and say - that opening our country to people coming from crime infested, disease ridden, terrorist harboring countries with no strings attached (skills, knowledge of our culture and willingness to assimilate those values) is unwise. The fact that these s**tholes are populated predominantly by people of color and/or Muslims (not a race, but we like to pretend it is) is a reality, not racism. Whatever their race, creed or gender the odds of them becoming self-sufficient citizens contributing to the fabric of American life is pretty slim unless they bring some education – to ensure they can learn English - and skills that will enable them to get a job. But then, Libs think merit based anything, especially immigration, is RACIST.

white privilege mathMath: White Privilege on Steroids

Merit, like math, is a racist, cultural construct that considers social justice irrelevant and is therefore racist by definition.

So I say pull on your s**t-kickers and get out there and kick some ass.

house-of-pain-shirt-gray-shit-kickersWe’re Making America Great Again and we’re not taking any prisoners.


And don’t forget, today is FLOTUS Friday: honoring an immigrant who brought both skills and shit-kickers – two things you really need in America these days.

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