Thursday, January 11, 2018

These Are Our Wonder Years

Well, well, well: it looks like the (uncorroborated) Dirty Dossier was in fact used to obtain FISA warrents to spy on the Trump campaign.

FBI“And there’s your soundbite right there Larry King.”

Note to the media: YOU’VE BEEN PUNKED! Ha, ha, ha!

punk hillaryQueen of Punk

By Hillary, Obama, the FBI, and all the other weaponized agencies within the U.S. government. And good work, you returned the favor by trying to punk the rest of us, even after you knew you had been punked.

And don’t give me that face, you’ve been punked too Bernie.

bernie sanders punked

But you won’t hear much about this from the MSM today, they’ll be too busy attending today’s opening of “The Post” – an enchanted tale of their Wonder Years: that quaint time in the memorable past when editors still agonized over such things as journalistic ethics and truth. And freedom of the press did not include hot typing lies hand-fed to you by treasonous partisans simply trying to take a president out.

Whatever your feelings about the release of the Pentagon Papers, at least it occurred at a time when most news was still driven by a love of truth and country instead of a love of ideology and a hatred of country (and President).

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