Monday, April 9, 2018

#MondayMoanin’- the Left’s New Version of “Just Shut Up!”

When Andrew Klaven first pointed out that the Left’s preferred way to end an argument was by yelling “Shut Up!” we smiled in recognition. Then the wheels of the train began to roll: the IRS denying non-profit status to conservative groups, college campuses demanding conservatives be “de-platformed,” Facebook, YouTube and Twitter shadowbanning or blocking posts and posters they found to be “dangerous to the community.”  Now they’re back with a new a tactic in the war to get us to Shut Up! – they will vanquish us. In the article The Great Lesson of California in America’s New Civil War they acknowledge that this is a war and that we must be crushed: “Why there’s no bipartisan way forward at this juncture in our history — one side must win.”

Here is Mr. Leyden’s basic premise: the country is so bifurcated (and the conservative side is so evil and archaic) that enlightened Progressives can no longer entertain the concept of bipartisanship. The only way FORWARD! is by crushing the Right – just like California did.


The solution for the people of California was to reconfigure the political landscape and shift a supermajority of citizens [ed: note the roll illegal voters play in establishing this “supermajority”] and by extension their elected officials — under the Democratic Party’s big tent.

California today provides a model for America as a whole. This model of politics and government is by no means perfect, but it is far ahead of the nation in coming to terms with the inexorable digital, global, sustainable transformation of our era. It is a thriving work in progress that gives hope that America can pull out of the political mess we’re in. California today provides a playbook for America’s new way forward. It’s worth contemplating as we enter 2018, which will be a critical election year.

Notwithstanding the fact that California’s track towards socialism has never, in the entire history of mankind, worked in the long haul Leyden still lobbies for the socialist revolution that is sweeping through California be carried to the rest of the land. “California today provides a model for America as a whole.”

wasteland mapThe Wasteland Map of San Francisco

Indeed it does: if we discard the classical liberalism that this country was founded on. If we ignore the fact that the Founding Fathers put full faith in reason when crafting the Constitution, Bill of Rights and institutes of government and go instead with what feels good and right at the moment you will indeed get California: restricted individual rights and more government control. Shortly thereafter you will get Europe, and shortly after that, Venezuela.

If we can get people to remember that the U.S. Constitution is a limitation on the Federal Government, not on individual rights we might still have a chance. So perhaps we can learn something from Mr. Leydon’s essay. And perhaps we can learn even more from Twitter’s enthusiastic support for 'Civil War,' Wiping Out The GOP, And How We Should Be Like CA.


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