Wednesday, April 11, 2018

#OpenWhineWednesday: Help Me Before I Hurt Myself!

Just a few thoughts to get you rolling:

Paul Ryan’s retirement: which Deep State industry will he be taking a multi-million dollar job with? Healthcare? Insurance? Big Pharma? Big Media? Wall Street? All of the above (lobbying)?

paul-ryan-fiscal-cliffPaul Ryan: he didn’t write the book but he did discover the Path to Prosperity.

Syria: Although Barry had a hard time finding the red line he drew - probably due to the fact he’s color blind - President Trump doesn’t seem to have that problem.

red lineProposed Future Presidential Litmus Test: Disqualified if all you see is black

Zuckerberg hearings: Make that “show” hearings. So far all I’ve got is “We’ve got to seize your data in order to use know what’s in it.”

In-Your-facebook-Stealing-Your-DataHelp! Stop me before I steal again!

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