Sunday, July 22, 2018

Chill: It’s Not Time To Get All Wee-weed Up Yet

Maybe it’s because it was the third of three weddings since May; maybe it’s just because we’re getting old. The night was a whirl of deafening music, wild little children chasing laser lights on the dance floor like a herd of cats while young adults and near-adults danced to the oldies (it’s amazing how many really old songs, recycled by new artists, make their way into the modern wedding repertoire) well into the wee hours.

Of course it was lovely, all weddings are: the bride was radiantly gorgeous, the parents understandably misty-eyed (she is their first, he is their last) and nary a word of politics uttered the entire evening. But given this was just the 9th wedding of our 24 nieces and nephews I decided I’d best sleep in this morning and gather energy for the upcoming years.

As such I wish you all a wonderful Sunday. So here’s to fair weather, reasonable temperatures and low humidity – we have none of the above – as you enjoy the day. I’d recommend that you all chill as we’re quickly headed into the dog days of August when, as our former most-eloquent-President-ever liked to tell us, Washington “gets all wee-weed up” .

Lazy Summer Day 12 x 20 Oil on Linen_small

Lazy Summer DayTom Lockhart

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