Monday, July 23, 2018

Hillary in the Land of OZY: Still Not President

Hillary went to the NY OZY Music/Tech-Talk/Food Fest and she didn’t even get a lousy tee-shirt.

2018 OZY Fest NYC

What she got instead was some type of wrapper that can only be compared, unkindly, to a circus tent,


or possibly a toilet paper cover:


blue toilet paper doll

But everyone loved her shoes!


which I tracked down for you on Amazon in case you want a pair of your own:

hillary's vionicsVionic Women's Splendid Midi Perf Slip-On

I’m not sure why Hillary was invited to a Fest that claims to feature “today's hottest entertainers, innovators and thought leaders who are ahead of their time.” Not only is old Over-the-Hilz not hot, there are times when she’s barely room temperature. But then…

Hillary Clinton Bashes Trump We Don't Know Where He Stands And It's Deeply Disturbing“What difference, at this point, does it make?”

None really, because - thanks be to God - Hillary is still not President.

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