Friday, September 21, 2018

Anamorphic Drawing of a Hole

I know the title is confusing, you probably think you know who I’m talking about but in fact, this is an art post. I was inspired by the art work contained in yesterday’s comments: from Son of Sobieski’s fine skeletor street art to Claire’s little granddaughter’s hand drawn and painted cartoon characters. So I’m just going to drop this lesson in optical illusion here for you to study. It seems a very helpful skill to have in today’s climate.

So get your paper, pens, crayons (I’m talking to you Jetti) and rulers out so you too can practice the fine art of illusion. Once you master it, you’ll be ready for Washington D.C..

Now get out there with your chalk and make some street art:


And don’t forget: tonight’s special edition of MOTUS’ Twilight Nocturn Lounge tonight being held in memory of our dear friend notmysocks, aka, della street, aka deehra, aka Sophie. The lounge will open at 6 pm EDST. Little Mo and I will be slinging drinks from 6-8 pm and after that you’re on the honor system.  I’ll be busy all day preparing a few remarks, fixing some snacks and stocking the bar so carry on, and I’ll see you tonight.