Saturday, September 22, 2018

If You See Something Say Something

Ha ha ha ha ha! Rod Rosenstein was kidding around with the guys about wearing a wire while meeting with the President in order to collect info that could set him up for removal under the 25th Amendment. Hee hee hee.  Just kidding! It was just a joke!

You know what? In the real world people get fired for jokes every day. Take this poor bloke, who thought he’d signed out of his Chrysler account and into his personal Twitter account:


Not only did poor Scott Bartosiewicz, a social media strategist for New Media Strategies, get fired but Chrysler declined to renew its contract with New Media Strategies as well. [ed. Scott did have a point but in my experience the problem is no greater than in any large metropolitan area. I blame all the uninsured and illegal drivers - just kidding! So fire me.]

Then of course there was Roseanne. We all know how well her joke went over.

But we’re talking about the FBI here, where the stakes are much higher than in the real world so by some twisted reasoning he can’t be fired because to do so would set President Trump up for removal from office. Huh?  And people are saying the NYT might be involved in this plot to set President Trump up in hopes that he does fire Rosenstein so that he himself could be removed from office.

Do you really believe that the venerable NYT would be complicit in a cabal like that? #MeToo! NIKKI HALEY REVEALS THAT THE NYT KNEW THE CURTAIN STORY WAS NOT TRUE. As Ed Driscoll notes, “I hope she’s reported this to the Times itself — I hear they’re looking for this sort of news.

new_york_times_disinformation_tweet_8-21-18-1-687x800If You See Something, Say Something