Monday, October 22, 2018

Diversity Is Our Strength Only When It Dilutes Whiteness

We are told the migrant horde from Central America has swollen to 7000 – on foot. How brave of them, how committed, how…organized.

illegal immigrants marching towards americaAnd where are all the womyn?

And where have we seen this organized One World Order phenomenon before?


That’s right, all over Europe.

refugeeAgain I ask, where are all the womyn?

And how’s it working out for Europe? Let’s check in with Sweden:


But what the heck, it’s like socialism: they’re just not doing it right. We’ll do it better. We do everything better.

socialism no right way

Liberals are all charter members of the “Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow” Club.

don't try this at home Let's_make_better_mistakes_tomorrow_WMEE.pdf

And trust me, it really doesn’t work.

                  french police car set afire by immigrantsparis police

And by the way, if the OWO migration isn’t an anti-white movement, tell me why Mexico isn’t adequate for relocating the law abiding, peace loving citizens of Central America? They could use more people like that. And how about sending peace loving Muslims from Somalia to Pakistan rather than Minneapolis? And I see nobody demanding that Saudi Arabia take in more black Muslims who are just looking for a better life. Nor is anyone demanding that Senegal is too black. Surely they would benefit by taking in some of the brown refuges from Guatemala and Syria, no? No. “Diversity is our strength” only works one way. And I think that’s sort of racist.