Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Not Just “No” – “Hell No”

Barack Hussein Obama rallied an estimated 2000 fellow travelers (per ABC, so probably smaller) at the Cox Pavilion at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, which reportedly holds up to 3200, ostensibly to support Jacky Rosen. There was a much larger arena right next door sitting empty, for obvious reasons.

obama unlv

Meanwhile, President Trump rallied a crowd 10 times that size in Houston to support Ted Cruz.

At the his rally in Vegas Obama seemed to entirely forget why he was there, mentioning Rep. Jacky Rosen (D-Nev.), who is running for Senate, only 4 times. One of the times was at the end of the event when he told Nevadans to vote for Jacky essentially because she is a woman, and #metoo, and diversity is our strength, or something. Barry: he’ll never miss an opportunity to divide us by identity politics while accusing his opponents of doing just that.

And while he mentioned old Jacky just 4 times, he did manage to refer to himself or his administration 77 times. (54 “I”, 16 “we”, 4 times “my”, and 3 times me” – if anyone’s keeping score)

“We got the economy growing again, we started the longest streak of job creation and record, we covered another 20 million people on health insurance, we brought housing back here in Nevada. We cut our deficit by more than half, partly by making sure the wealthiest Americans, folks like me, pay their fair share of taxes. …

He failed to mention that “we” also sowed the seeds for today’s bitter divisiveness, established our border as as a porous sieve through which anybody could enter the country at will, created a doctor shortage, and plunged the country into record debt in order to fund welfare programs deemed necessary in the Obama economy where a 1.5% GDP growth was considered the “new normal.”

Meanwhile, in Houston:

TRUMP HOUSTON RALLY NBC_1_1540254155461.jpg_12978177_ver1.0_1280_720Patriots, patriots everywhere!

And as a wandering horde of 10,000 barbarians prepare to storm the gate on our southern border (thank you Obama!) some 20,000 gathered to show support for the first President in a long time to say not just “no” but “Hell No!”