Thursday, October 25, 2018

Gather Ye Acorns While Ye May

I awake to find yet another homemade potential boom-toon has been mailed to yet another high profile leftie. I suspect that means there will be another spate of mailings involving black-powder-devices-absent-viable-detonators followed by several more days of bombastic hectoring from our media moralizers on the incivility of right wing rhetoric.

I ask myself why this is happening and remember that one of the last things I read last night before switching over to an old M.F.K. Fisher book to lull me to sleep: a report from the Mexican government that the army being allowed to march unchallenged through their country so they can assemble on our southern border has now miraculously swelled to 14,000.

So at the risk of sounding callous I’m going to call this another squirrel and toss out a few of my own.

Squirrel #1: Autumn at a Traverse City, MI pumpkin ranch.


Squirrel #2: Autumn by a barn outside of Traverse City, MI.

Barn near Traverse City

Squirrel #3: Tunnel of trees near Harbor Springs, MI.

Tunnel-of-Trees1.michigan png

All I can say is my squirrels are better than their squirrels.

squirrels everywhere signsquirrel-steals-carved-pumpkin-max-ellis-1

So get out there and gather ye acorns while ye may.