Thursday, December 13, 2018

Danger: Underdogs Ahead

I note that the Washington Republicans are already whining about not being able to (fill-in-the-blank) because of the uncooperative Democrats: Rep. Scalise: Pro-Border Security Democrats ‘Being Held Hostage by Extreme Radicals’ Like Nancy Pelosi. Finally, they’re back in the underdog position they’re so fond of and comfortable with.

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Republicans have proved themselves useless in advancing their own agenda. Take Michigan for example: our supreme RINO governor Rick Synder will be leaving office at the end of an 8 year run having done nothing other than sign a right to work bill into law while also expanding Michigan’s Medicaid under Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” - a burden that now rests solely on the shoulders of state residents as the federal subsidies have died. He also reduced business taxes, yay, while eliminating the tax exemption on retiree pensions. Then there’s the bill he vetoed after it passed both chambers of the legislature to eliminate gun-free zones. So much for Republicans being 2nd Amendment advocates.

Oh, and then there’s this: he passed a 7.3-cent-per-gallon tax increase in 2015 intended to fund the improvement of Michigan’s beyond abysmal roads and bridges. Where did the money actually go? Certainly not to repair roads, and most Michigan residents have pot hole inflicted wounds to prove it. No, in typical RINO bait and switch fashion the money actually went to fund – ready? – Medicaid and public schools.  So it came as no surprise when Democrat Gretchen Whitmer handily won the November governor’s race on essentially one campaign slogan: “Fix the Damn Roads!” 

So when the pictures of this year’s Main Street Christmas tree on picturesque, car-free Mackinac (pronounced mackinaw) Island were published


it prompted comments along the line that were it anywhere else in Michigan it would be marking a pothole.


So let this serve as a cautionary tale for all those proud “never Trump” Republicans out there: not delivering on what you promised your constituents and blaming everyone else for your failure is how we got Trump in the first place. So if you want more Trump, that’s just fine with us.


We’ll take an alpha dog over an underdog any day of the week.

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