Friday, December 14, 2018

FLOTUS Friday: Blonde On Blonde Edition

Based on the catty comments about Melania’s new hair shade I’ve concluded that while the left is fine with men transitioning to women and vice versa they are not so fine with PDJT’s wife transitioning to blonde.

melania transitioning to blonde

Her critics stopped short of accusing her of Scandinavian cultural appropriation, as that could easily come back to bite an awful lot of them.

hillary blonde doOnce FLOTUS never POTUS

I confess, I prefer Melania with predominantly chestnut locks myself. But any woman who can rock a black jacket and leather pants look like this -

black leather slacks

can do any damn thing she wants with her hair.

Our FLOTUS clearly figured out long ago – possibly even sooner than POTUS - that the “comedians, journalists, performers and book writers” are not here to write history or praise Caesar but rather to advance themselves and their agendas. So let the haters pile on, sadly our FLOTUS has already grown used to their venom and tripe.