Monday, December 10, 2018

There Will Be No Good News Until Such Time the President Is Impeached

There is no good news. At least not while Donald J. Trump is president. It’s the inverse of the Obama Occupation rule, which prohibited bad news.

And if there is something that might be interpreted as good news it will be ignored, like the blockbuster story about the U.S. transforming into a net oil exporter for the first time in 75 years. The only way you’ll hear about oil boom in the MSM is in connection with Obama taking credit for the solution to the problem he claimed we couldn’t drill our way out of. But I guess he deserves it, after all, oil was his fifth choice - right behind wind, solar, algae and corn.

bo wind solara boy and his algae

“That was me, people.”

Actually, Barack, your alternative energy programs were more a lot more you: a lot of hot air, expensive, foreign built, underperforming units and green slime. Not to mention the cultural appropriation of a native American foodstuff – which has been shown to be as dumb as it looks.


And if MSM can’t ignore it or lie about it, they will take a good news story and turn it into a bad news story:

“Heisman Trophy Winner Apologizes For Tweets He Sent As A Child”


They can’t help themselves anymore, it’s just reflexive.


And they wonder why we hate them.