Friday, December 7, 2018

FLOTUS Friday: Remembrance Edition

FLOTUS and President Trump, represented us well this week:

First at the Capital Rotunda where George H. W. Bush was lying in state:


Later at the state funeral held at the National Cathedral where politics were mostly set aside and the Bushes, Trumps and Obamas all graciously came together to honor George H. W. Bush’s life:


Apparently there was not quite enough graciousness to go around:

hillary_melaniaWhat is it with those crazy eyes?

Then again last night, as POTUS and FLOTUS hosted the annual White House Hanukkah celebration


where Holocaust survivors were honored and Jewish supporters of the President led a “four more years!” chant - which prompted the President to respond that he hoped it would be six. So do we.

Melania_Trump_WH_Reception_3Some women carry the off-the-shoulder profile better than others; don’t make me mention names

Because America will always have enemies.

pearl harbor

And it is nice to know with certainty that our President isn’t one of them.