Monday, December 3, 2018

The Storm Is Coming: Don’t Forget Your Mukluks


Be strong Paris, Michelle Obama has cancelled her visit to the city of light.

Former first lady Michelle Obama announced Sunday she would skip two upcoming European stops on her book tour to attend the funeral service for former President George H.W. Bush.

Screen Capture #359

It’s a pity she won’t be there to experience first hand the the rioting taking place in Paris against the policies of Emmanuel Macron, aka “the French Obama.”


I feel confident the people of Paris will forgive her for taking a pass. Now if she were cancelling her appearances back home, where her groupies are strong, that would be a different story.

michelle obama says shit

At home she is a venerable icon and her fans get excited about she speaks truth to power like this:

Former First Lady Michelle Obama caused a stir during her arena book tour on Saturday when she said that marriage inequality can’t be solved by women ‘leaning in’ because ‘that s*** doesn’t work all the time.’

Gee, it seems like only yesterday when “marriage inequality” referred to gays right to marry; now I guess it means, well, I have no clue. That’s why I’m just a blogger and the Fabulous Lady M is a multi-millionaire “author” charging up to $4000 for a signed copy of her book about Becoming…rich.

Having read her thesis on race I can assure you that while she may have “written” her own “moving memoir” the real credit belongs to an unsung, hard working editor behind the scenes who made it comprehensible.

But hey, it’s the Christmas season! What do you say we have a bit of fun and get back to our roots? And by that I mean commenting on Lady M’s wardrobe. The whole ensemble screamed “Come to the Cabaret”


…but the shoes! Is that a statement pair of Jimmie Choos or what?  The on-trend ankle boots featured “a caged silhouette.”


I must say, I appreciate the motif.

lock her up

She might want to get a pair of mukluks though, the storm is coming.