Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Democrat’s Fight Club

Now that has Joey has told top democrats he’s willing to throw his hat into the 2020 ring I think they’re going to need a bigger ring.

koegel ring bolognaMy, that’s a big ring of bologna!

It seems that every Democrat in America who’s not a convicted felon is considering a run for the Presidency. And that’s not even counting Hillary.

According to The Hill:

Since Donald Trump’s election to the White House, Democrats have been anxious to pinpoint potential candidates up to the challenge of taking on the combative New York real estate mogul in 2020. Media speculation has run from the usual suspects like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren, to those outside the political system, e.g., Mark Cuban and Oprah Winfrey.

for2020story_getty_1The Democrat Apprentices

While only one major, serious candidate has officially declared themselves for the Democratic presidential nomination, U.S. Congressman John Delaney of Maryland, identities of at least some of the remaining 2020 contenders were revealed by Politico Monday in a report citing sources with knowledge of meetings each had with former President Obama.

According to the piece, at least nine potential candidates have met with Obama, eight of whom visited the 44th president at his World Wildlife Fund office in Washington, D.C., as early as mid-2017.

I read the whole article and all I came away with was the question “WTH does Barack Obama have a World Wildlife Fund office in Washington, D.C.?” On further reflection though, I guess it makes an appropriate place to meet with Democratic presidential wannabes. It will likely be a very big cat fight.

demand a bigger ring

I say they should throw a few more celebrity apprentices into the mix – let’s make the Democrats fun again!

appprentice2Pictured: (l-r) Omarosa Manigault, Stephen Baldwin, Lisa Rinna, Dennis Rodman, Brande Roderick, Lil Jon, Penn Jillette, Donald Trump, Gary Busey, Bret Michaels, Claudia Jordan, Trace Adkins, La Toya Jackson, Dee Snider, Marilu Henner

We know they all know how to obstruct, now let’s see them fight.

baby fight club gif.2laughgif