Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Truth According To Your Weltanschauung

This point of view might work for amateur art critics:

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But the amateur journalist equivalent - “I don’t know anything about truth, but I know what I believe…” doesn’t work as well. Art is intended to be subjective but journalism is supposed to be based on truth, which is intended to be objective. Yet here we are, living in an inverted reality where art is “truth” and truth is “art.”

Allan Bloom tried to warn us over 30 years ago in The Closing of the American Mind about the dangers of abandoning truth to the vagaries of relativity but few listened. And now we have arrived at a tenuous place where anyone can define “their truth” which stands completely apart from what once was known and accepted as objective truth. Hence if Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s truth is that she was sexually attacked by now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when she was 16, and we are to accept it at face value, as the media did.

Because, remember, when today’s liberal journalists see “truths” they don’t like they are free to ignore them, but when they see “truths” they really, really like they will hype them endlessly, true or false, as truth is an anachronistic patriarchal concept that doesn’t work in our postmodern world. All of which explains yesterday’s Busted Buzzfeed Blockbuster:

There’s a bright line between objective journalism and propaganda and the American media jumped it a long while back. Big media, accompanied whole heartedly by Big Education, has accepted and propagated relativism disguised as tolerance for so long they no longer recognize the difference. Along with our lock-step political class we can blame these institutions for the social and spiritual malaise blanketing the country. The lot of them refuse to even identify the truth let alone uphold it. That leaves “artists” everywhere to paint “their truth” according to their weltanschauung.

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