Sunday, January 13, 2019

May the Light Be With You

It’s Sunday and when the sun comes up I’m confident it will be a glorious day in Park City. But for right now it’s pitch black and I’m feeling extremely lazy, so I offer today as an official open thread, accompanied by a few shots from residents published in the Park Record, the town’s newspaper of record. And let the Record reflect that the Record’s man-on-the-street survey this week asked “who do you think is responsible for the government shutdown?” The responses indicated two people thought that all the politicians in D.C. were responsible whereas everyone else reported with great enthusiasm that it was President Trump’s fault, alone. Just so you know what sort of town I’m living in. I’m actually surprised they found 2 people who thought the blame was to be shared, I suspect they were out of towners who just came to ski.

Anyway, here are today’s offerings: for those who love snow from a distance.

park City morningFirst light somewhere along the Willow Creek trail, h/t @saltau1

promontory park cityPre-sunset at Deer Valley, taken from Promontory, h/t @Promentoryclub

May the Light be with you all through the day.