Thursday, January 24, 2019

Fake News Reports the End of Fake News Press Briefings

There will be no end to the kvetching now that PDJT has directed the cancellation of “official” daily press briefings.

The vexation emitted as fake news from the viper pit will be incessant. Here is an example from CNN (along with my translations)

HEADLINE: Power struggle paralyzes 'irrelevant' White House press shop (translation: the real power struggle is between the media and the White House, and when the White House is winning they’re ‘irrelevant’ to us.)

White House press briefings, in steady decline even before the partial government shutdown, (translation: we’ve had fewer and fewer opportunities to air our belligerent questions on the nightly news loop) have now ground to a halt as a prolonged power struggle among President Donald Trump's aides (translation: a prolonged power struggle between the President and us, the disloyal opposition) leads to a muddled messaging strategy,(translation: they won’t accept our version of the ‘facts’ and conform to our narrative) people familiar with the matter say. (translation: we made that up)

Now, when officials find the need to speak to reporters from the space, dust must be cleared from the lectern. (translation: we’ve got nothing, so we’re going to criticize the White House housekeeping)

In the 32 days since the government partially shut down, the lack of a cohesive strategy emanating from the White House communications team has frustrated people throughout the West Wing who have deemed the press shop "irrelevant." (translation: they won’t talk to us so we deem them “irrelevant”)

Two years into his presidency, Trump remains his own communications director, eight current and former officials noted (translation:  Did hear me? Eight! That’s a LOT!). Asked who's in charge of messaging at the White House, press secretary Sarah Sa1nders told CNN in a statement: "It's the President's message." (translation: How dare he communicate his own message!? That’s what professionals like us are for.)

Indeed, Trump takes questions from reporters regularly on the White House South Lawn and drives his own messaging through Twitter, and has eschewed the more formal question-and-answer sessions traditionally conducted by press aides. (Translation: we hate those because the camera stays focused on the President the whole time so we don’t get any of those great,viral YouTubes of us asking arrogant, culpatory questions.)…

Though press briefings in the Trump administration were once must-see television that garnered high ratings, the press secretary has not taken questions from reporters in the briefing room since mid-December. (Translation: we want OUR facetime back!)

There’s lots more, but I highly recommend you not waste your time.

Image result for president  daily press briefing uselessThe President holding his own daily press briefings with Fake News, in between executing his other job responsibilities