Saturday, January 26, 2019

Sundance Saturday

The Sundance Film Festival kicked off on Thursday, 1-24-19, flooding the streets of Park City, UT with PIBs (People In Black) navigating snow covered Main Street in flip-flops, 9” heels and butt-hugger speedo skirts. Most of them rent cars and try to drive even though they’ve never seen snow anywhere other than the movies. And being Angelinos they are undaunted by the gridlock they create around town trying to maneuver the few roads around town. Locals know to stay home during “the Fest” except when absolutely necessary, like going skiing, and we always pack survival cakes for the trip, just in case.

Related imageSnow arrives ahead of the Festival opening, promising to make navigation around town more interesting

Following uneventful screenings on Thursday, fear spread through the herd of PIBs Friday when Sundance Commissars refused to cancel the showing of the Michael Jackson expose, Leaving Neverland. Jacko fans threatened on social media to protest the content in mass, and then pedophiliacs threatened to counter protest the protestors and disrupt the documentary’s premier.

Luckily, the threatened protest fizzled and the Park City police assembled for crowd management at the premier outnumbered the protesters:

As press and attendees flooded into the Egyptian Theatre, they walked past two women holding placards that read “Seek Truth.” “I’m here to stand up for him,” said Brenda Jenkyns, a fan of Jackson’s who made the trek to Park City, Utah, from her home in Calgary, Canada. “It’s important that people look at the facts, because the truth isn’t black and white.” (Where have these truth seekers been lately?)

In other Sundance news, Robert Redford (“Bob” to us PC-ites) shocked PIBs and media gawkers by seemingly saying “Bye bye” to the festival:

“Having done this for God, 34 years now, since the festival started,” the Oscar winner told media and others on Thursday as he stood alone onstage at Park City’s Egyptian Theatre. “I think we are at a point where I can move on to a different place.”

“Bye bye Bobby”

Nobody commented on where it was, exactly, he was planning to move on to.

Other than that it’s been pretty quiet here so far, as the Women’s Marchers cancelled this year’s planned event due to anti-Semitism or something. And that’s it from your onsite reporter here at Sundance 2019. Stand by for more news.