Sunday, January 27, 2019

Why Are Canadian Geese Such Jerks?

A disturbing new crime wave is sweeping the (northern) United States, specifically Obama’s Windy City: the theft of Canada Goose jackets, literally ripped off the victims back – sometimes at gunpoint. The jackets reportedly sell for around $1700. Those PETA people are getting more and more aggressive.

As far as I know the Canadian Goose, along with some 170 others, is still covered by the Migratory Birds Convention Act of 1916 that protects migratory birds during mating season. Like many well intentioned laws that may or may not have served a purpose at one time, legislators tend to ignore statues that become  obsolete or irrelevant.

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It seems that during the past 30 years or so Canada Geese have become ‘urban exploiters,’ a species that thrives in human-made environments. This also means there’s no need for them to ever go home once they land here.

Jocelyn Hudon, curator of ornithology at the Royal Alberta Museum, says that the species, for lack of population control, doesn’t fear humans as much in urban areas, since the birds know city residents don’t pose much of a threat. Geese in the wild, on the other hand, are careful, more vocal, and less likely to engage. – Why Are Canada Geese Such Jerks

So now that we are being overrun by these migrants from the north who arrived with impunity, were allowed to reproduce freely and won’t go home, what are we supposed to do? Welcome even more of these sometimes aggressive invaders with open arms?

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I say PETA be damned, turn them into coats!

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Or I suppose you could stuff all the feathers on the inside if you don’t want to flaunt your affluence.

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