Saturday, February 2, 2019

Groundhog Day: The Fight Between Evil and More Evil Continues

Well, it’s Groundhog day alright.

Fake news reports that Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow, so Spring is right around the corner. Well I suppose it could happen; anything can happen.

In other Groundhog Day news headlines, this just in: Another Democrat guilty of what they accused their opponent of. This one never gets old, does it?

Remember that attack ad Ralph Northam ran against Republican Ed Gillespie?

Well, as it turns out, the real racist in the race wasn’t Gillespie after all.

Top Democrats seemed surprised and outraged by the racist Med-school yearbook picture of Ralph Northam, Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, that emerged yesterday.  Of course the outrage was ginned up by those same Democrats. After the Governor bungled their plans for advancing the New Democratic Socialists agenda of making “women’s health care” front and center for the 2020 presidential campaign by advancing late-term abortion throughout the land, Northam had to go. He made a fatal error in his now infamous radio interview in that he used the terms “abortion” and “infant” in the same sentence. Bye bye Ralphie, it’s for the good of the party. We don’t want the plantation dwellers to get confused.

CNN, In another Groundhog Day fake news antic, tried a little damage control by running a fake chyron misidentifying Northam as a Republican…because who wouldn't believe that?

And in another “anything could happen” moment, another Democrat of nominal credentials tossed his hat into the ring this week – this time Corey Booker. While he claims to be black, he has no chance running against previously declared women-of-character like Elizabeth Warren (who claims to be Cherokee) and Kamala Harris (who claims to have won her political offices on her own merits - judged to be partly true). Because remember, 2020 will be yet another “Year of the Woman” brought to you exclusively by the Democratic Party of Guilt-Shaming-You-Into-Voting-For-Our-First-Ever-Fill-In-The-Blank-Candidate.

Unfortunately Corey can’t claim to be the “first” anything, not even the Country’s first black, gay president. But keep up the fight, I know we’ll all enjoy watching the battle between evil and more evil.