Sunday, April 28, 2019

A Math-a-Magical Con Game

Over a hundred years ago Einstein presented his theory of relativity which paved the way for his theory of black holes.

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It remained just that, a theory, for a century until it was “proved” more or less by a photo last month.

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And yet, get a gaggle of second rate “climatologists” together to come up with the theory that the earth is melting because we heat our homes in order to prevent freezing to death during the cold season and “97% of (published climate) scientists” immediately subscribe to the goofy theory of “man-caused” global warming. And call you a science denier if you dare question them. I should note here that even Einstein doubted his own theory of black holes - but then, he was a real scientist.

Anyway, one whacky hockey puck graph and the next thing you know you’ve got these expensive eyesores sprouting like dandelions in springtime.

Iowa Giant Standing Tall In the Rain – somewhere along I-80 yesterday

Those who’ve been around awhile know that I complain about this at least once a year. That’s because it gets worse every year I travel I-80. Every. Single. Year. More of these inefficient monstrosities defiling the landscape in the flyover states, posing as viable alternatives to coal/gas fired electric generation plants.

Oh, they’ll tell you that wind is cheaper  - free even. Remember, they also told us nuclear power would be, and I quote, “so cheap you can’t afford to meter it.” That of course was true only until federal regulators got a hold of it. But wind turbines and solar - they’re a pure con. Here’s how it plays:

Utilities in several states are attempting to run a con game on their respective states’ utility commissions and ratepayers. How? By claiming that their plans for prematurely shuttering existing, reliable, relatively inexpensive coal power plants and replacing them with expensive, intermittent renewable power sources will save ratepayers money “in the long run.” Meanwhile, they ask for an immediate increase in electric rates to pay for the transition.

The truth is, the “long run” never comes. Any 10-year-old child can tell you someone isn’t saving you money if he or she charges you more for something you already get for less.

So simple even Calvin and Hobbes can do it.

From Indiana to Iowa and beyond, electric utilities with existing coal plants are planning to replace them with wind power and, increasingly, solar power, the most expensive form of energy, excluding battery power.

Oh sure, they’ll produce reports showing how it works. All of the results will be accomplished through the judicious use of math-a-magicals. But never try to kid a kidder. I worked for an energy company and one of my departments ran financial models; tell me your desired outcome and I’ll create a model that demonstrates its viability. And you wonder why I’m cynical.

Climate studies are the same way. You want anthropogenic global warming? Bam! You’ve got it. Cooling? Bam! So don’t be a science-denier, get into the Math-a-magical con game today. Everybody’s a winner!

Those are some pretty mountains you’ve got there Wyoming, be a shame to wreck them with a bunch of metal monsters tilting at the wind