Saturday, May 4, 2019

The White Hat Team

Democrats cannot comprehend William Barr being lionized by conservatives. That’s okay, they will never understand why we love Donald Trump either.

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But Matthew Continetti, editor of the Washington Beacon, thinks he knows. It’s for the same reason we loved Dick Cheney: neither of them will take crap the way everyone else in town does.

Barr is the new Dick Cheney: a stocky, bespectacled, confrontational, blunt, intelligent, unapologetically conservative, experienced, and high-powered official who believes in and fights for the office of the president. Just as Democrats loathed Cheney as a bugaboo manipulating President George W. Bush to further the interests of Halliburton, they attack Barr as a dishonest factotum of President Trump's. The qualities that drove Democrats batty over Cheney—his inscrutability, his cleverness, his asperity, and above all his success—make them incensed about Barr…

What’s behind conservative support for Cheney and Barr is their lack of embarrassment. Most Washingtonians, no matter their party, find it important to be held in esteem by the city’s tastemakers, who are overwhelmingly liberal. Not these two.Washington Free Beacon

No indeed, they both speak with a clipped accuracy that surgically addresses the issue regardless of who it may offend. Such as when Mr. Barr described Mueller’s March 27th letter as “a bit snitty and I think it was probably written by one of his staff members.”  Or when he responded to Senator Blumenthal’s request “for notes Barr had taken of his phone conversation with Mueller” with a simple, no, “why should you have them?”

It’s because we can imagine these two, both generally genteel, not hesitating for a minute to tell these clowns to go $#*# themselves when appropriate. In fact, we know for a fact that Dick Cheney would because he did.

And most of us can’t wait till the day that AG Barr gets to do the same thing, either literally or figuratively. Welcome to the White Hat Team, Mr. Barr. You’ll find your fans to be loyal and true just as long as you are.

Leader of the White Hat Team – my kind of white privilege