Thursday, April 11, 2019

I Spy

Roger Simon thinks Congressional Dems might want to treat William Barr a little more respectfully in future faceoffs as he may well hold their party’s future in his hands.

The big story from Barr's testimony then before the subcommittee was not that the AG plans to release a redacted version of the Mueller report within a week or even that those redactions will be color-coded four ways and annotated to explain the reasons for the edits. Or that Democrats like Nita Lowey whined about transparency with all the hypocrisy only a politician can muster. This is all pro forma and predictable.

The big story was the affirmative answer he gave to a question about whether he was planning to investigate the provenance of the Russia probe itself. That would, of course, include the FISA court scandal and the Steele dossier, not to mention strange--let's call them spooky-- occurrences in the UK well before the election. Barr noted he also would look at the eight criminal referrals of DOJ personnel and others coming from Devin Nunes. He further noted we could expect the inspector general's report on these matters in May or June. He was filled with such news, much of it spontaneously given…

In other words, Barr's obviously been paying attention to the larger situation and that is bad news indeed for Democrats. This is particularly true because the Mueller probe did not come up with any crimes connected to Russia collusion, but even the beginnings of an investigation of what prompted the probe in the first place has already come up with several. – William Barr Is The Democrats’ Worse Nightmare 

The Dems are really not going to like it when the other team has the ball. In their book that’s like a violation of the natural order of things.

Watch out! The elephants have been released!

I can’t wait for the smack talk to begin. Oh wait - it already has! Barr says he believes Trump’s 2016 campaign was spied on - by the Feds, for the Democrats.

It sounds like  they’re very comfortable in the bed they made. Or at least with the words that describe it.

That’s why they spent so much time, money and effort trying to ensure that we never got the ball back, but I guess they forgot to pay off all of the officials. That means the second half will definitely be more fun to watch.

P.S. Speaking of spies, what do you think - Julian Assange: hero or villain?