Monday, July 15, 2019

Common Sense Trumps Idiocracy

We refuse to enforce our own immigration laws, because law makers don’t “see the point.”

Antifa thugs are allowed to run amok, beating up people they disagree with, with little to no push police pushback.

Manhattan shuts down on a Saturday night because, well, we don’t exactly know why.

Section of Midtown And Upper West Side Of Manhattan Loses Power

Maybe because power companies have done little to harden the grid against technological and terrorist attacks in the past 30 years. Maybe because most electric companies have done little to expand their real power capacity because they’re concentrating on “alternative energy sources” favored by our government overlords. Or maybe it’s because we’ve done virtually nothing to replace the coal fired and nuclear plants that they keep shutting down. Or maybe it’s simply due to the poor-boy maintenance policies Public Service Commissions allow to happen in the interest of “keeping rates low.”

Con Edison says Manhattan’s black out was not due to a cyber attack or a terrorist attack - and that’s supposed to make us feel better?

Third world diseases are making a comeback in America.

Transgender rights are deemed more important than parental rights.

Major tech companies decide who gets de-platformed on major social media platforms, and it’s always conservatives.

And yet Democrats still claim they don’t know what we mean when we say “Make America Great Again.” Really? It’s not rocket science.

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In fact many people consider it nothing more than common sense. And common sense will Trump idiocracy every. single. time.

Trump 2020, our mane man