Friday, July 19, 2019

FLOTUS FRIDAY: Defrocked Beauty Queen Edition

Have you seen this? Beauty queen stripped of her title for political opinions.

Apparently Kathy Zhu, who was born in China and immigrated to the U.S. with her parents when she was five, was dumped for holding what pageant organizers consider to be out-of-the-mainstream opinions about hijabs, black on black crime and other “insensitive” statistics.

Laurie DeJack, Miss World America Michigan state director, notified Kathy of her defrocking for behavior unbefitting a beauty queen; i.e., having an opinion:

"It has been brought to the attention of Miss World America that your social media accounts contain offensive, insensitive and inappropriate content, and in violation of MWA's Rules and Conditions, specifically the contestant requirement of 'being of good character and whose background is not likely to bring into disrepute Miss World America or any person associated with the organisation'."

Submitted without comment, further evidence of Ms. Zhu’s racism:

Image result for kathy zhu michiganFunny, she doesn’t look like a White Supremacist.

Only in America could an émigré from a real totalitarian regime be stripped of a title she earned for the sole crime of exercising her First Amendment rights.

Meanwhile, our other beauty queen eschewed her usual frocks in protest of Ms. Zhu’s plight and donned a pant suit instead to greet members of the U.S. Special Olympic team at the White House.

En route: Melania later arrived in the East Room of the White House with Vice President Mike Pence to attend the ceremony

Meet and greet: the first lady joined the president in the Oval Office to meet members of the American Special Olympics team

VSGPDJT and V.P. Pence look pretty snappy too, but nobody hits a navy blue suit out of the park quite like our FLOTUS.