Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Remember That Time Abraham Lincoln Was a Racist?

Did you catch any of the chaos in the House chambers yesterday as the Dems moved to condemn President Trump’s tweets? Pelosi was banned from speaking for the day for breaking House rules, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver dropped the gavel.

He issued the following statement, which reads in part:

“I want to thank Leader Hoyer for assuming the chair and reading the parliamentarian’s ruling following my abdication. Like the vast majority of Americans, I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with the childish rancor of our public discourse. Our inability to conduct ourselves in a civil and respectable fashion has paralyzed the most powerful government in the history of the world, and for what? A 10-second soundbite on prime time news and a few thousand twitter followers?

Mind you, Rep. Cleaver used to be considered one of the more radical progressive members of the Democratic party. Before the Broad Squad showed up on scene. What a difference a bray makes.

The Dems are moving us dangerously closer to joining the pantheon of countries that routinely break out in parliamentary fisticuffs

And all because the President put Tweet to the long held sentiment of “America: love it or leave it.”

I guess ‘da Squad insists that his tweet was racist. Of course they also insisted there was collusion with Russia! Russia! Russia!  Or obstruction. Or something.

I should point out that “go back to where you came from” could mean “get out of the way,” a phrase President Obama was never shy about using, whether he was talking about the Republicans who “drove the car off the cliff” getting out of the way so he could “clean up the mess,” or the Republican Congress “getting out of his way” so he could shut down Gitmo. “Get out of the way” only sounds racist if you see everything through a racist lens.

Oh, and remember that time when Abraham Lincoln was a racist?

H/T Cripes Suzette – still my favorite of her many awesome photoshops