Monday, July 22, 2019

Fact: Grain Bowls Come From Amber Waves of Grain

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I wake up every Monday saying to myself “let this be the week the Leftists see the light and abandon their path to oblivion.” It’s more like a prayer to St. Jude (patron saint of lost causes) than a genuine inquiry. To date my appeal remains unmet by either St. Jude or the Left.

This week’s evidence that their suicidal insanity continues unchecked comes from David Atkins, a Californian regional director for the Democratic Party and a Bernie Sanders supporter. He chose to follow in the cement footsteps of Hillary Clinton, attacking the hand that feeds him - talk about a lack of gratitude!

And just for good measure he threw in a gratuitous slam at Fox news viewers as well, wherever they hail from:

I don’t really think any additional comment is necessary, other than to say this is why Democrats will continue to lose. You can read the whole thread if you’d like, but I leave the last word to JP McKee who pretty much sums up my sentiments with this tweet:

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Amber waves of grain, baby!