Sunday, July 21, 2019

Hang In There, Nuclear Winter Is Right Around the Corner

Here it is, July:

Image result for hazy hot and humid

And the country is plunged into a lot of hazy, hot and humid weather. I predict that August will bring more of the same.

Summer in the northern hemisphere is often unbearable especially in the deep south and the concrete heat traps of urban centers. Or at least it was unbearable before Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner in July of 1902. Ironically it was invented not to make us more comfortable but rather to make us more productive. Carrier was called in to figure out how to allow a printing factory in Buffalo, NY to continue operations when temperature/humidity levels prevented ink from adhering to paper without smearing. Industry was the mother of his invention not creature comfort. We are just collateral beneficiaries.

Among the many great inventions of the 20th century all but the most brainwashed warmists laud air conditioning as one of the most important. Aside from fire nothing has allowed mankind to adapt to their environment more effectively than air conditioning. We can now be productive 12 months a year, 24 hours a day. Ironically, “progressives” are the ones who want us to shut down if not outright reverse that progress.

Mayor Bill de Blasio ordered tall office buildings across the city to crank their thermostats up to 78 degrees beginning Friday as a much-feared heat wave approaches this weekend.

“We are about to enter a heat emergency, and must do all we can to keep New Yorkers safe,” said Mayor de Blasio. “The City government is limiting its energy use to reduce strain on the electrical grid, and now private office buildings will also have to do their part.” - NYPost

De Blasio didn’t mention that the grid was in danger of overload due to electric companies’ emphasis on “alternate energy” sources like solar and wind instead of big load power generation – primarily because of jackass dictates from politicians like de Blasio. Whether they have the power to do so or not.

The thermostat dictate came a day after a Post reporter asked de Blasio if he had the authority to issue such an order with the approaching near-triple-digit heat — and Hizzoner said he didn’t know.

Not having authority - never a problem for progressives.

Image result for obama pen and phone Only a problem for a President they don’t like.

Hat’s off to Willis Carrier, we wouldn’t be the same country, or world, without his invention. Although I’m sure there will be reports that the ingenious invention was actually created on the backs of women, people of color and transgenders who never got so much as a whiff of credit because…white man’s patriarchy.

My advice, enjoy these lazy, hazy days of summer to the hilt.

We will find ourselves in the grip of nuclear winter soon enough. And there’s nothing either the Lord de Blasio or M’Lady Ocasio-Cortez can do to stop it.