Friday, July 26, 2019

Let’s Take a Summer Bacon Break

NOTE: FLOTUS Friday is on vacation and will return next week.

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I suppose this is good news for some people: Beyond Meat, a company specializing in plant-based burgers, ground “meat” and “sausage,” just announced they are launching a new line of “bacon” as well. Which of course is not bacon-bacon but rather “plant based” “bacon.”

Image result for bacon made out of eggplantEggplant “bacon”

Image result for bacon made out of yarnFiber based “bacon”

Plant-based bacon? What do we need that for - we already have plant-based based bacon.


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Seriously, get the real thing.

This paid message was brought to you by the Pork Council of America

Image result for national pork producers councilThe only place you’ll find more pork than Washington D.C.

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