Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Fireflies For the Fourth

I don’t have time to report on AOC’s latest border histrionics so I leave that responsibility in your capable hands. I would just like to suggest she get her incredibly smart ass self back to Washington where Congress could be working on fixing our “refuge” status designation and funding border security in order to stem the flood of immigrants on the southern border. I don’t think that responsibility falls within the purview of  border patrol agents.

I’m just going to remind you that you only have 2 days to stock up on sparklers for your 4th of July celebration.

You’ll want an adequate supply in case the natural sparklers don’t show up until later this year due to all the rain…or habitat encroachment, light pollution, global warming…or whatever. 

Image result for firefliesNatural sparklers, aka fireflies

Image result for fireflies

And if all else fails, you can make your own fireflies.

Image result for fireflies in a bottle

Either way, chill and enjoy the firefly flick.