Monday, July 29, 2019

It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

I love referring to our President as VSGPDJT – Very (Special) Stable Genius, President Donald J. Trump. Because it’s a great shorthand way of acknowledging his special abilities. No, he’s not a superhero but he is the first powered person capable of hijacking the Left’s narrative and re-setting it to his own. He did it with the border, he did it with “The Squad,” and he just did it with Elijah Cummings and his rat infested district.

Case after Twitter case President Trump has forced the Left to embrace the unembraceable. And he’s not done yet. Currently in his sites: ANTIFA.

It didn’t take long for someone to take the bait. Tae Phoenix, self described as

“unpaid protester • performing artist • queer, neurodivergent, impolite, arrogant latina jew • anti-fascist class traitor” 

stepped forward to use Newsweek’s platform to express her admiration and gratitude for ANTIFA thugs, trying to turn them into fuzzy little fluff balls while vilifying these actual fuzzy little fluff balls:

Image result for man attacked by golden retriever puppies

These kids, most of whom were clearly overheating behind the black bandanas impractically tied across their faces, seemed enigmatic and slightly silly to me; but nothing about their posture or behavior struck me as remotely menacing. I've met golden retrievers who scared me more.

I certainly see zir point, as Goldens are well known as a menacing breed.

Image result for golden retriever gentle breed

Well known for their snapping jaws of death:

Image result for golden retriever tennis balls in mouth



Golden Retriever Rescues Baby Koala

and untrustworthiness:

As well as bad drivers:

Related image

Not to mention trained killers.

Related image

While you might think ANTIFA is a terrorist organization, let’s not lose sight of who presents the real threat around here.

Image result for golden retriever maga hat

So please be on the look out for Golden Retrievers trying to Make America Great Again. They are dangerous and cannot be trusted. And they might eat your lunch.

It’s a dog-eat-dog world I tell you