Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Democrats Heartache To Come

Detroit’s Fox Theater was built for movies, not vaudeville, but was used for the latter last night when ten of the 20-ish Democratic candidates assembled to out-socialist each other.

I didn’t watch the debate but from what I’ve heard of the recap it sounds like one of them spent her time making a passionate case for reparations, citing the 40 acres and a mule motif.

Image result for reparations 40 acres and a muleDon’t worry, we’ve got this

The rest of the Dem hopefuls seem to have concluded that Obamacare is the worst atrocity foisted on the American people since fluoride - and NOW they want to fix it.  Humph, we warned them back in 2009 that passing the bill to find out what was in it wasn’t the best of plans, but did they listen? No, and now they would have us believe that “Medicare for all” will fix everything. Idiots.

I think you’ll agree, last night’s venue is far more interesting than the actual show so let’s explore the truly magnificent Fox Theater.


Originally opened in 1928 as a flagship movie palace in the Fox Theatres chain, it was the largest theater in the city with 5,000 seats.

Balcony seating

During World War II, like many theaters in the area, the Fox operated 24 hours a day to accommodate defense plant workers on afternoon and evening shifts. And while the theatre operated continually until it was closed in the 1980s it had fallen into terrible disrepair and by the 70s was exclusively showing Blaxploitation and martial arts films. The Ilitch family (Little Caesar’s) bought and faithfully restored the Fox and it reopened  in 1988 as a performing arts center.

The official architectural style is said to be Art Deco with a blend of Burmese, Indian, Persian, Chinese, and Hindu motifs. I call it Byzantine Baroque.

Balcony stairs

Lobby stairs

And the Dems want to know what we mean when we say “Make America Great Again” – they’re standing in the middle of it and they still don’t get it. Like the Ilitches, PDJT is restoring America the beautiful while the Democrats just want to play more Blaxploitation films.

Donald J. Trump 2020: the Dems heartache to come

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