Friday, August 9, 2019

And Now An Important Message For Our Non-Sponsors

Hey kid, I get it: some days you’re just not feeling it.

Four-year-old princess Charlotte showed her cheeky side at The King's Cup regatta. When mum Kate Middleton told her to wave to onlookers after the race Charlotte decided to stick her tongue out instead. Mum of course was appalled.

Trust me hon, sometimes adults feel the same way.

Image result for melania trump dayton el pasoThe President and Melania on the way to El Paso

But when you grow up you have to put on your adult face and do what you need to do no matter how you feel.

Image result for melania trump dayton el paso

POTUS and FLOTUS in El Paso, Dayton

Image result for melania trump

Unless, that is, you’re a Democrat like Beto O’Rourke. Then you never have to grow up. You and your mouthpiece media will be excused for calling the President names like “white supremacist in chief” and accusing him of being responsible for the El Paso massacre – even though the murderer himself specifically states in his “manifesto” that is not the case. And then, just for effect, go ahead and stick your tongue out at the President…then act shocked and surprised when he responds in kind with a Twitter equivalent.

So yes, darling, go ahead and stick your tongue out at your tormentors. Being a royal you won’t get a chance to do that much longer. And heaven knows, there are a lot of people out there who deserve the gesture.

King's Cup regatta“Let go of me mum, I have an important message for the paparazzi.”